About Block360

We started our company in 2017 to develop blockchain and exchange infrastructure for Global Currency Union. Since then we are consistently developing state of the art solutions for financial services and machine economy.

Leadership team


Bilal Arif

Founder & CEO

Bilal is a technology entrepreneur and software engineer. He started his career as an avid open-source developer working for The Honeynet Project. His professional experience includes founding a Blockchain-related startup Block360, CIO of the Notary Platform and Team Lead at Skalex.

His current projects focus on creation and trade of digital assets, and interoperable identities. This includes leading the research, design and development GCU Exchange, a trading platform for most stable currency units for pricing and settlement of international trade and investments.


Yumna Ghazi

Founder & CTO

Yumna is a technology enthusiast and software engineer. She has a master’s degree in Information Security where her research domain was threat intelligence.

She started her career as a researcher in cybersecurity, building prototypes and contributing in publications on cloud security, authentication, authorization and threat intelligence. From there, she moved on to work in a startup that built an award-winning threat intelligence platform called TEye.

In 2015, a fellow researcher introduced her to Bitcoin and blockchain, but it was in 2017 that Yumna began her own endeavors in the domain. Since then, she has worked with Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum and Quorum on the protocol level, bringing to life hybrid networks like Energi (NRG) and DESCoin that are in production today. Her current focus is on decentralization and web 3.0, the evolution of blockchain technology and consensus protocols, decentralized storage and trustless computing.


Sajjad Ahmad Mughal

Chief Strategy Officer

Sajjad is chief strategy officer at Block360 with responsibilities of strategic planning and development. He is fueled by his passion for understanding the blockchain technology, its use cases, and legal implications.

He reckons himself a ‘forever student’ and building his academic and professional foundations simultaneously. He is a lawyer. He also is a Ph.D. (Management Sciences) Scholar. He taught subjects of both Management and Law fields in various universities.

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